bar graphs

On day one eggs were scrambled
Now they’re Florentine
I guess creativity is rule number one of this quarantine
Entertainers plotting EGOTs
Writers drafting deep plots
While novices step out offices hitting restart
Discovering hidden talents
Monetizing passions for the checks and balances
It must be in your DNA
Doudna and Charpienter cold-calling televangelists
We’re all prancers
In the form of Tik Tok dances
Choreography in the kitchen
As an attempt to cook up magic
The only source of traffic
I am legend
Streets are deserted
x-axis filled with uncommon sentences
As I walk alone location scouting the opening scene
With Purrell in this canteen
The elixir has me coming clean
Will I live past the credits?
Life expectancy is charging me for the edits
Memories serve as prequels
But the question remains how many of us will make it to the sequel?

Wishing you good health
Home workouts becoming a strand of theology
I’m afraid of losing mass
Scripture prefaced me with an apology
I would be brought down for being too eccentric
Protein powder, beta-alanie and lifting trinkets
Back’s against the wall making chairs IKEA couldn’t even envision
90 degrees? Out of thin air? Lap stocked with provisions
No wonder why I’m sweating from this pew
They call for rain?
Because a minute later I’m seeing puddles from this view

Sliding into DMs until we get good news from the PM
New couples risking it sharing first kisses through their 3Ms
Crushes, how many of you remember them?
Use your mirror
You have time to work on your opening lines, just stand back a few cms (Hello)
Excuse me Mr. Cyrano I’m debating online dating
Building emotional connections
A new fleet of demisexuals act all bubbly
I’ll be the keynote speaker at the next convention
Hearts covered in latex
Open your swag bags
Thank you Trojan for the protection

Stakes are getting higher
What will we be in short supply of?
Families rationing food
Stomachs growl in octaves like Mariah
Cans of tuna and boxes plastered with Toucans
Are we bracing ourselves for the next Summer of Sam?
Enjoy the red ones later
The orange ones are medicinal
In an attempt to follow the food pyramid
Pharaohs labelling this as criminal
Peanut butter and packs of ramen
Too much in common
Taste buds
Embalm them
It’s calming
Learning different languages to evade your mother tongue
Saamme tämän läpi
Oh you thought that I was done?
Sorry I meant Finnish?
Babel helping me sound more distinguished
Besides I need to switch my phone settings back to English

Disney Plus is in a surplus
Netflix collecting more bucks
Found myself stuck in this Homeland, I could use a little Recess
Miss Finster, I’m terrified of becoming a spinster
But before you’re finished
Put together a few N95s
We need more for the dispenser
Spinelli tread lightly
Making masks out of white tees
Grocery shopping in one made of tablecloth
Giving ingredients a preview of where they might be

Shedding tears in the season of the allergy
Taking naps as an attempt to shake this reality
You claim it’s not emotion so you pop your fifth Excederin
This holds grounds for an e-intervention
Prevention has kept us measured
Imperial or metric?
Bottom half eclectic
Top half *clears throat*
As I ZOOM to my room looking dapper, debonair
Choose your character
Couch, bean bag or lawn chair
The band’s back together
Carry the weight
Increased communication serving as leisure
Through a linksys we all can relate

Sports leagues in bubbles
Watching glory years from under covers
Out of pills, so it’s on to prophylactics
Round ball bouncing like rubber

You’re losing your mind
Praying granny doesn’t fall off her rocker
Stones for the chakra
Will you take this call?
Only you can communicate with Chewbacca
Anything preventative
Drowning in sedatives
The thought alone conspicuous
Pastors live streaming reading recklessly from Leviticus
Can you lift this... crate of eucalyptus
You thought I wasn’t going to complete this rhyme without an ellipsis

Parents at home binge watching The Young & the Restless
All these lesson plans leaving them vulnerable Defenceless
Simple arithmetic
But they can’t handle the increments
Tracing algorithms like they’re working for Intuit
You’re no longer in to it
Two plus two
You and your partner looking for xs without wondering why
Who are you?
Algebraic uncertainty
No longer confined to the jealous type
Put the children to bed
Tutors we were only fans
Now we need private sessions
Are you up to Skype?

There are several other topics that were left in omission
But look who came in without any permission
You must be charging commission
I have a few questions

I don’t want a Q&A
I need all the attention

I’m the virus
Got you bracing your chest
Like a heel from Leonidas
Having you beefing over tp
Are you attempting to mummify a couple Sequoia trees?
If I had 24 hours to live, what would I do?
Rest on your Amazon boxes
You didn’t order markers
But a few days later you get signs of the flu
I changed the agenda
You’re no longer discussing influenza
Have a seat
I have two fingers of sanitizer left on the credenza
I can’t feel my face
That’s some reverse psychology
My incubation period is quite extensive
Like Orange’s etymology
I’m the disrupter
Messing with your structures
Like a Roomba into a Lego set
I don’t bruise, I puncture
I’d confess
Put these particles would only pass through confessional mesh
Blood, boils, locusts, frogs
I’m leaping through different testaments
Mass hysteria
I guess I put the fear in ya
Mom was elated when I achieved pandemic criteria
CDC diploma
Professor Denge lecturing the Spanish flu
I’m only a teen
A Polio poster hangs in my dorm room
Put you in a melancholy mood
Beats Pill bumping Murs
I can’t even remember the last time that I was curved
I’m the type you don’t bring home to your parents
Black leather jacket
I’m bad
Gotta keep up with appearances
I’m a Hallmark
Supplier of your condolences
Think a couple of suds are going to defeat me
I’m potent kid

Excuse me, but I’m here to burst your bubble
You’ll soon be a sidekick
Turn you into Rubble
We’re in the land before time
The next set of lines are for the ones on the frontlines
Beacons of hope
Fighting a number that’s prime
Indivisible we stand
Conducting drug trials
Armed with the Fear of God
Give it up to the ones that are essential
Doctors, nurses, cleaning crews, store clerks
Abroad and residential
Researchers everywhere sharing the same hypothesis
Let Kramer tell it
Labs filled with cockeyed optimists
No time to catch their breath like they’re running on a Nautilus
Donations from the anonymous
Food banks
People love when the direct deposit hits
Wall Street?
Stocking shelves so families can still bond
That’s a spirited investment
Hearts going above and beyond
An abundance of positivity
Modern day scenes of the nativity
For whom the bell tolls, our aim is in recoveries
Finding hope in an uncommon place
Everybody loves the sunshine
Hiding my hands so I don’t touch my face
But somehow we all remain connected
Hopefully it will stay the same when the vaccine’s injected
Coming with a few takeaways
Thank you Miss van Pelt
Wipe my hands clean
Linus is this felt?
A unifier
After this we’ll grip tighter than a pair of pliers
It may be a long time, but we’ll become close just like the Niners